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Weekend REIKI COURSE for Valentine's Day

with Traditional Usui Reiki I & II Attunements and teachings.


This course is facilitated by Metatron @ Ally Gomez

Reiki is an ancient hands on Healing Art that was re-introduced to the world in the early nineteen hundreds (in Japan) by Master Mikao Usui. As Universal Life Energy, Reiki is the omnipresent force of All That Is, pervading every being, everywhere, and everywhen. "Rei" refers to universal or cosmic energy. "Ki" is the life force which flows through everything that is living. Reiki is an art and science using Universal life energy to promote balance, wholeness, healing, and consciousness.

Each student will receive attunements for Reiki level I & II, instruction in the history, fundamentals, traditional hand positions, and symbols to develop an effective Reiki Healing practice for self healing as well as healing with others. Reiki is a great modality to initiate one in or add to one's spiritual development and a path to healing. It is recommended as a personal tool for expanding one's own awareness and self-healing abilities, especially for those challenged with chronic dis-ease, mental or emotional instability, PTSD, and other conditions that can be challenging to live with and hard to find support for. It can be used as a starting place to become familiar (and more attuned) with "energy" work, or as a fantastic addition to an existing healing practice. Reiki is something that happens regardless of one's understanding or confidence - once Attuned, Reiki's healing Life-Force energy flows from the facilitator where ever it is consciously directed and needed. It cannot be too much or too little or in the wrong place, as Reiki simply supports, aligns, and brings things back into energetic health.

Class Schedule:
2.8.19 - Friday evening (6pm-10pm) - Orientation, History, Philosophy & Attunements
2.9.19 - Saturday (9am-6pm) - Reiki I Instruction - Healing Self & Others
2.10.19 - Sunday (9am-6pm) - Reiki II Instruction - Power symbols & Distance Healing

Included with enrollment is: I AM HEALING Reiki I & II Manual and worksheets, instruction and attunements up to Reiki level II, certificate of achievement for Reiki I & II, and Usui Reiki lineage documentation.

$333 per student
*Sign up with friend or family member and we'll discount $33 off each enrollment
**Payment plans available (i.e. $100 per month, contact directly to arrange what works for you!)

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