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Rising Up Together

Meditation & Cannabis Combined

for Planetary Transformation

By: Matthew Webb



Rising Up Together provides an endless supply of love, strength and clarity to the peoples of the world. Through it universal truth is made a practical, daily reality. This is a philosophy of excellence in living, combined with all the answers to the deep questions of life. High wisdom is found herein…prepare yourself for great internal changes! Nothing even remotely similar to this material has ever been crystallized by humanity. These practical focuses have the power to create a domino effect of very high consciousness, traveling from person to person and nation to nation.


The purpose of this book is to transform mankind into what we were meant to be...a race of highly conscious beings. Through it the practitioner will unlock vast human potentials that were previously unimagined. What you see before you is a timeless social catalyst. It is the ultimate “anti-virus” for all the misconceptions of the world. It is a “spiritual enzyme” which, when applied en masse, will usher in the next great phase of human evolution. The only reason the text is copyrighted is to protect it from alteration. The reason this $1000 book is presented for free to the world, is because humanity is running out of time…the spiritual need for it is very great.


Within these pages, fellow travelers of the Path, you will find a step by step guide for the limitless expansion of consciousness. By following the scientific and mystical exercises presented herein, you WILL rise up in love, clarity, inner strength and revelations most profound. That such a cumulative, on-going transformation of self and world is fully within our reach, will seem like fantasy to the skeptical. Not a single proposition contained in this book however, is in any way theoretical or hypothetical. Those who at first think such statements lack credibility will soon realize their unmistakable practicality through first-hand experience.


As of this moment, no less than the everlasting truth of existence is within our collective reach. If the information on these pages cannot elevate the human condition, raise the planetary consciousness, make a Master of any normal human being and save humanity from itself, then surely no other set of writings which now exist can. When applied with all seriousness, such information will spread out upon the world like a great healing wave. The utopia we all secretly yearn for is at hand. What is presented is not a dogma or religion; it is truth, pure and simple.


Significantly, advanced knowledge of consciousness expansion can be used by groups of two or more, to uplift our mutual state of being without end. The meditative group high of practitioners intending love and clarity upon one another knows no limits. Such practice has the spiritual power to initiate anyone into profound levels of consciousness. Any personal effort to embody this information is well invested. Each exercise herein is based upon direct, repeated experience, waiting confidently to be validated by every seeker‟s investigation.


Unfortunately the mere presentation of truth alone has rarely, in the history of man, been immediately embraced by mainstream thought. The institutions of any age have felt threatened by that which contradicts established norms. Those set in their ways tend to have difficulty adapting to change, regardless of their own best benefit. There is admittedly much in these writings which directly challenges the falsehoods of established thought. Inevitably, a reevaluation of old ways is required in the telling of any truth. That such revelation creates friction with historical beliefs is perhaps regrettable, but no less than necessary. A smooth transition from Old to New world would of course be preferable, however unlikely, as change always implies some destruction. But in this case that which is destroyed, is only that which is 8 holding back the deep unfoldment of full human potential. It is possible that the presentation of this book to the modern world may eventually mean my imprisonment or untimely death. But the dire need of humanity for cosmic truth, must take precedence over the welfare of any one individual. Regardless of the outcome, my soul will rest easy in the knowledge that I‟ve done my part for the raising of the world.


Be warned that it is difficult in the extreme to convey high truth to those who do not wish to know it. Persons and nations alike must WANT to know the answers to the most important questions of life, for the profound to be accessible to them. The biggest lie ever told is, “there’s no such thing as truth”. Those who repeat this lie do so for only one reason, and that is to escape their responsibility for WHAT IS, preferring instead to believe WHAT SEEMS COMFORTABLE AT THE TIME, for whatever personal reason. But such denial does not change the essential nature of existence, it only hopes to prolong its‟ avoidance for as long as possible.


Truth is that collection of facts and spiritual/natural laws which compose reality, regardless of viewpoint or opinion. It is that which gives order to our own bodies as well as everything else in nature. Truth is the essence of all natural events, all genuine science and all real spiritual practice.


The second biggest lie ever told is, “Truth exists, but we can never know for sure what it is.”


There is nothing “unknowable” about facts, or spiritual and natural laws. The question is not whether we can know the truth and in very great depth. HIGH KNOWINGNESS is an innate human power. The question is whether or not we WANT to know the truth, if the revealed facts are in contradiction to our cherished beliefs. The ostrich, with its‟ head buried in the sand, clearly does not want to know. This behavior however, in no way protects the animal from being eaten. It only applies very temporary relief from the pressure of reality, upon false ideas.


Rising Up Together contains the facts about life, the will of God, soul, nature, the purpose of human existence and reality in general. But perhaps even more importantly, this book is a fully accessible guide for the limitless refinement of the readers‟ soulic potential, individually and in tandem with others.


There are in fact specific focuses which any person can employ, in order to ascend to one level of consciousness after another. The combination of cannabis and meditation are the nononsense tools we will use together, to progressively build a higher and higher self. Persons with higher consciousness will then manifest a world together of far greater standards than those we see in the mass media today. They will seek to RISE UP, one to another, in larger and larger numbers. It is a fact that even the modern world can be enlightened without limit. To bring about that transformation it must be sincerely and properly INTENDED by many competent practitioners. Thus, the greater mastery of intent has a central role to play in this unfolding global work.


Rising Up Together is a blueprint for a higher, better world. It is designed to catalyze greater Mastery in as many people who will embrace it, preferably the entire human race. By all means make full use of the enormous spiritual power contained herein. Embody the truth of this message, knowing full well that it has the ability to transform worlds, not just individual lives. For the first time in history the necessary information is available to uplift ourselves and each 9 other, through the right use of intention. Cannabis gives us a boost of spirit to accomplish such necessary goals. Meditation allows us to navigate the high with competence. Through the combination of these tools, the practitioner can travel into levels of glory and excellence, the likes of which will revitalize all life on this world.


“Try it, know it, embody it and convey it to others.” For the sake of the human race, distribute this text widely, (print hard copies, post on forums and e-mail). Doing this will not only save souls, it also has an excellent chance to actually save this planet from self-annihilation. Read it high on Herb, as well as in a “more normal” state of mind. From both perspectives the cosmically potent truth will, over practice, be well understood. The merits of the Path will grow within the serious minded, to towering heights without end…


Bon voyage!

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - In the Beginning there was The High

Cannabis as entheogen, psychic amplifier, way-shower and teacher plant. The “Herbal Course Curriculum” of profound knowledge. Getting serious about the spiritually potent high. The need for meditative practice. You are a center of consciousness. The Chakra and Herbal Chakra Meditations. What our “state” is.


Chapter 2 - Traveling the High

We are definitely NOT “only human”. Transcending a self-defeating society and its‟ various “mental viruses”. We are intent…what consciousness really is. The practical meaning of wisdom and self-realization. The Four Steps in the mastery of intent. Traveling the high of cannabis via the Four Steps, (the expansion of consciousness) by cumulative degrees.


Chapter 3 - How the World could be Raised

Being in the world but not of it. Transcending life, “as seen on TV” for the sake of true human progress. There IS something we can do about the world. Saving humanity; what raising world consciousness would look like, by stages. The group mind nature of reality. Raising your state to transcend fear and pain. Simple/natural living and the healing catharsis.


Chapter 4 - Person to Person Psychic Effects

How we constantly affect one other on an energetic level; from large crowds and friendship, to couples and sex. The resonant sounds and colors of the seven chakras. On multiple dimensions and the three bodies; our chakras are multi-frequency transceivers. The practice of raising through intonation. “Casting” of the high.


Chapter 5 - The Mutual Raising

A comparison of tantra to the Herbal state. Increasing our psychic power. Basic Mutual Raising; a step by step procedure for raising each other‟s high. Psychic reciprocation and the intent of spiritual ministry. The exponentially greater scope of the collective high and how the practitioner can raise any group mind. Good and evil redefined. Following “the golden psychic rule”.


Chapter 6 - Intent is the Key to all Locks 

The group mind high in music and dance. What a “contact high” really is. Body-wide “intent elements” and their raising. The body is a group mind. Three phases in the manifestation of intent. Level and purity of intention. The world mind and Einstein‟s unified field theory. Group expansion of consciousness via intonation; an example of five practitioners raising each other‟s level of consciousness.


Chapter 7 - The Laws of Incarnation (intermediate practice)

Enlightenment defined. From the consciousness of amoeba to Master; levels of evolutionary progress. To commune with God and Nature. Major thresholds along the Path; from aspirant to Avatar. The pursuit of science for the sake of truth rather than “profits”. Wisdom and the true advancement of culture. The Laws of Incarnation regarding the expansion of consciousness. Life/the world is NOT AT ALL what we‟ve been taught it is. Introduction to the Adepts‟ Wheel.


Chapter 8 - Earth Mind as Ally (intermediate practice)

Psychic self-defense within a chaotic world mind. Rejecting the consumer status quo. The earth mind and our true purpose as a species. The benefit of meditation in natural areas. The strength/chi-gaining axis of the Adepts‟ Wheel. Chi defined, and the practice of chi gaining. Fire, water, air and earth energy, and the drawing of solar chi. The intent of increasing strength in all ways. The mutual reinforcement of the Wheel‟s focuses.


Chapter 9 - Scientist and Mystic (intermediate practice)

A unity of science and mysticism. Recognizing the scientist and mystic within; the frontal and occipital lobes of the brain. Logic and intuition combined for the sake of true genius…how to increase both at will. Where modern science fails. Truth defined; how to clearly distinguish the true from the false. The prevalence of natural and spiritual laws. The three pillars of consciousness and the need for self-realization. Clarity/no-thought axis of the Adepts‟ Wheel. Awareness of awareness; the enhancement of clarity at will and without limit. Feats the adept of the Wheel can accomplish.


Chapter 10 - Right Intent in Cosmic Purpose (intermediate practice)

Mind and body as one; raising intent right down to the cellular level. The effects of the intentions we hold upon our cells. Karma defined. Medical statistics and the karma of wrong intent. Purification focus and goodness of intention, as well as levels of right intent. Dealing with the healing catharsis. The restoration/purification axis of the Adepts‟ Wheel. The restoration thoughtform. Right intent in; “the doing of what works” in life, and upon the Adepts‟ Wheel.

Chapter 11 - Right State Management (intermediate practice)

Of Master and disciple; a lesson in raising for its‟ own sake. We are, “that which manifests” and the choice of right action is ours to make. The desirability of balance in right state management. Love-vibration/spirit axis of the Wheel. Love for its‟ own sake, and the “love of love” focus. The raising of love and vibration. Consultation with the soul. Spirit defined, and its‟ cultivation.


Chapter 12 - We are That Which Raises

The details of how five practitioners raised each other‟s consciousness one April afternoon, soaring to lofty heights upon the wings of the cannabis high. The specialization of intent in a group raising. Combining the unique strengths of each meditator into a group mind of extraordinary benefit to all.


Chapter 13 - Harmony of Rhythm and Soul, Part 1

We can solve all the worlds‟ problems, but ultimately, only through expanded consciousness. The three options ahead for the future of the human race. Scenario; the Tribes of the new way 6 arise after the Great Fall. The philosophy of natural and spiritual living. The “Four Pillars of Transformation” in a utopian life…1) spiritually focused music and dance, 2) Tantra as conscious sexuality, 3) meditation/self-knowledge, 4) the use of entheogens like cannabis. The expansion of consciousness through drumming circles. 9 principles of group spiritual action.

Chapter 14 - Harmony of Rhythm and Soul, Part 2

The Tribes unite for a mass Gathering, as drumming, dance and cannabis are employed via the intent to raise all involved. 518 practitioners raise their state simultaneously, and experience transcendental unity with lasting mutual empowerment. The threshold known as “We Are That” is gained repeatedly, en masse. Waves of high raising are sent out over the earth by this powerful group mind. A teacher and young student participate in a profound lesson.


Chapter 15 - Harmony of Rhythm and Soul, Part 3

The young apprentice‟s lesson in the mutual expansion of consciousness continues. A question and answer session in review of raising basics. The reading of minds. A demonstration of Mastery. The consecutive use of multiple intentions in a four-way raising, both with and without cannabis. A transcendental conclusion.


If this inspires you in further self discovery, please download the full FREE digital PDF at the top of this page and share with those of like mind or those you feel might benefit from this exploration.

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