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Regardless of the setting

work can be stressful







Research shows that stress and depression lowers productivity in the workplace. When the majority of people report that 70% of their stress is work related, it's clear that most businesses are operating with stressed employees. Research on workplace stress found that physically, stress causes headaches, backaches, eye strain, neck pain, lowered immunity and resistance to infections, high blood pressure, ulcers and heart disease, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and other muscular strain. Emotionally, stress causes depression, anxiety, listlessness, poor concentration, irritability and anger.

This is a recipe for a poor work environment, employee discontent, suffering financial statements, and a high turnover rate.

Think about it in this perspective: It's been a long work week. Your employees have been working long hours, under a great amount of stress and pressure trying to complete several projects before their deadlines. They are exhausted and frustrated by the amount of hours they have been putting in at the office.

By offering a corporate massage to your employees you are proving to them that you care, that they are valued and appreciated. They start their weekend off by thinking: "I worked extremely hard this week, my company noticed and I was rewarded. I love where I work!" The following work week they feel energized, refocused and productive. 

Other benefits include the following:

  • Increased employee morale and energy levels

  • Decreased overuse injuries

  • Stress reduction

  • Fewer sick days taken

  • Improved job performance

  • Increase in overall feeling of wellbeing

  • Employee incentive and health maintenance resource

Booking a Massage Therapist to support your staff on a weekly, bimonthly, or even monthly schedule can uplevel the work experience for everyone in your office. Providing this benefit for your employees is a sound investment with immediate and lasting results. 



We know how hard it is to create a company culture that stands apart from the rest—and how important your culture is for recruiting purposes. A massage program is a great, unique benefit but you may have some questions about who pays for what. 

Corporate massage programs that are funded by the company tend to have far higher participation rates than completely employee-funded massage programs.  This is important for a couple of reasons.

  1. If you're looking for employee engagement and want to realize optimal results to your wellness program, your participation rates are essential. You won't see any sort of ROI unless people are actually participating. 

  2. We've seen companies bring in massage programs and ask the employees to pay 100% of their massages. Participation rates are typically lower and because the massage company isn't seeing any return on their investment, they are forced to pull their services. This causes a dip in morale because employees see it as a failure on the part of their employer.

  3. Employees that sign up for employee-funded massage are typically those who schedule and pay for their own wellness and preventative treatments already.  To reach employees who do not do this, the most 'at risk', employers see fantastic results with the more they cover the bill.

  4. Our experience is that employees book additional, longer treatments in our office outside of work - and the benefits of this still apply to the company, as they are even more relaxed, maintained, and content than if just receiving massage at work.

We also totally understand that a full-fledged corporate massage program paid 100% by the company may not work for you. We offer flexible options and want to co-create a successful wellness program that works for everyone.

Employer Funded Program

  • Employer pays 100% for number of therapists x program duration (in hours)

  • Affordable rate of $75 per therapist per hour (most corporate services in Santa Barbara begin at $90 per hour)

  • Employer decides duration of 15- or 30-minute massage per employee

  • Employees receive massage during break time / rest period

  • Employees can tip additionally or not, rate is considered paid-in-full

  • Employer & employees receive the benefits of massage in the workplace

Employee Funded Program

  • Employer allows employees to schedule massage during break time / rest period

  • Employees decide duration of 15- or 30-minute massage

  • Employee pays $25 per 15-minute session or $50 per 30-minute session

  • Employees are fully responsible for paying for their massage session

  • Employer & employees receive the benefits of massage in the workplace

Employer & Employee Shared Program

  • Employer allows employees to schedule massage during break time / rest period and agrees to pay a portion of the expense, this amount / ratio is negotiable

  • Employer usually decides the duration of 15- or 30-minute massage, but can allow employee to decide the duration

  • Employees are responsible for paying the remaining portion of their session

  • 50/50 financial split for 15-minute massage is equal to $12.50 paid by both employer and employee.  30-minute massage at 50/50 is $25 paid by each.  Some employers prefer to commit to a 25% or 75% ratio depending on company budget and number of employees signing up for the program.

  • Employer & employees receive the benefits of massage in the workplace

Signup Schedule

  • Standard signup sheet is scheduled into 20 minute time slots which allows for three 15-minute massages, per hour, per therapist

  • Employer (usually HR Department) is responsible for circulating signup sheet to employees the day or two before scheduled program day - common to be done digitally by email or physically by placing signup sheet in company break room or somewhere highly visible

  • Employees are encouraged to signup consecutively to reduce open patches in schedule or employer can condense once signups are closed / complete



"Having a massage at work to ease those tired and tense muscles in my back and shoulders is a tremendous mindfulness treat! Ally and Alan are wonderful!"

DONNA ALCORN / Senior-Staff Reporting Accountant / INOGEN



"I have received massages from both Ally and Alan, and I would highly recommend that you do also. After just 20 minutes I come out of my massage feeling much more energized and more focuses than I was before. Ally and Alan are both very knowledgeable and are great at quickly talking with you to see how you can get the most benefit out of your session. This is a great service and I am very happy that my company has chosen to work with them. Two Thumbs Up!"

AARON HUNT / Customer Development Representative / INOGEN



"Before I see Ally I feel like the poop emoji, but afterwards I am the smiley face!"

ERIC DAHLKE / Director Information Technology / INOGEN

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