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Every Moment is a Choice

The entire Universe is made up of “energy” that is neither created nor destroyed, but is dynamic and makes up the realities we are all co-creating, all of the time. it IS a choice to view things positive or negative – everything we do has choice behind it… we may not Always understand why we choose (or even see how we choose) circumstances we deem ‘negative’ to enter our Lives – but i believe the answer is simple. we bring all perceived-negative events/feelings/circumstances into our Lives so we can overcome CHOOSING to experience them this way.

The reason ‘negativity’ may seem to spread easier than “positivity” – to some – is because of reaction, rather than action. i am not saying this is Always the case, but often times this is the defining point of “choice”. if you possess Awake and Aware Consciousness (I AM Presence) then you are choosing to Align with and embody Unconditional Love and Divine Truth – for your self, first and foremost, which then extends outward infinitely. coming from this heart-space, connected with our minds Eye, our 1st eye (often called 3rd eye) you are able to easily identify ‘energies’ as they come into your field.

It is a choice to have Compassion for someone that you also could choose to feel upset or frustrated with. it is a choice to take the death of a Loved one as part of Divine Perfection, returning them to purity in the Higher Realms, or we can choose “how can i go on without them?” or choose to be angry with God/Source/Universe… everything is Always choice.

If you strive to come from a place of Action (as opposed to re-action) then you do not carry the perceived-negative energy forward… you Allow it to be, pass, and you stand in your ‘right Action’ or ‘right relation’ with All That Is. if you choose to Act with the highest Integrity (not what you may feel or choose to be Integrity for you in that moment…. but with the Divine Principals that are Divine Truth & Unconditional Love) then what you choose is in Alignment – and even then, sometimes, we still choose to ‘view’ the outcome as positive or negative… but it is ALWAYS for our Highest Good if it comes from the Most High.

Love conquers All. it completely destroys negativity when you can completely stand in the Light. most of us have tons of blockage and attachments that prevent us from totally standing in this Light… which is again, why we encounter the perceived-negative experiences in the first place… so we can work through them and release all our BS preventing us from seeing each other in this Light – as the Divine Perfection, Divine Reflections that we are. the more we heal ourselves and learn to come from a place of Allowance and Non-judgment, first with ourselves which then carries on for others – the more we open our hearts to true “Unconditional” Love… Love that is truly given without any ‘condition’ to receive it.

Positive Vibrations!! the frequency is being raised all over the planet, and in each and every one of us. and the more we resist, the more we feel pain, confusion, frustration, anger… and this is okay! it’s just another Now we can ‘choose’ to SEE it in a brighter Light, Love ourselves and others more, and to Understand this is one way we can Grow through it.

(this has been reworked from a conversation to a friend- and while these are Always personal Understandings that i apply to my own Life, i realize the potency they can provide others – so even with all the work on my plate… i reaffirm my commitment to posting things like this.)

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