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Self Care & Covid-19


As we are faced with unprecedented challenges in regards to our global experience with this novel coronavirus, there are preventative measures in self-care, which greatly support our immune system and reduce our likelihood of becoming exposed or infected. Information on this subject changes daily, however these practices are surfacing across multiple sources as strong preventative measures.

10 Conscious Measures you can easily employ:

1- Deep & steady breathing reduces stress & boosts immunity

2- Fear not! Healthy caution coupled with positive outlook

3- Physical distancing with social connectedness

4- Drink hot liquids: Coffee, soups, teas every 20 mins

5- Gargle with an antiseptic in warm water every day

6- When returning Home Shower immediately

7- Disinfect smooth & metallic surfaces frequently

8- Do Not Smoke - this seriously compounds your lung health

9- Wash hands every 20 minutes for 20 seconds, then rinse

10- Eat fruits & veggies that are high in ZINC and Vitamin-C

Treat soar throat immediately; COVID-19 passes to lungs after 3-4 days in the throat.

We believe that conscious breathing is an important core tool that impacts every aspect of our lives. Apart from medical benefits of improved energy, lymph, blood, and oxygen circulation, breathing properly can guide us successfully into meditation and conscious awareness (Mindfulness), as well as ground us emotionally and mentally during high stress conditions. For a highly informative article on proper breathing, check out Scott Jeffery's How to Breath like a Jedi.

It is important to be well informed and take precautions when confronted with