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Self Mastery

Self Mastery is the decision to make the most out of your physical, mental, and spiritual health. In other words, to be the best you, you can be. Alone this may sound like a selfish term – but if you cannot help yourself, you have a limited ability to help anyone or anything else. Self Mastery is not synonymous with perfection… though all things exist within Divine Perfection, Always and in all ways- especially when we may not see the perfection… this is our challenge, test, or blessing (however we perceive it) to identify and embrace this chance for growth and surrender of the ego to the power of Unconditional Love (the force of the Universe.)

In fact, Self Mastery very much encapsulates the instances we might, in our innocence, label some of the choices we make or paths we walk – as mistakes. There are no mistakes if every step can lead us in the direction of growth, Understanding, and personal development. Once we truly Understand that there are no mistakes, no wrong answers… we shift our focus from positive and/or negative and begin to live within the state of Allowance. This is the first step (whether a miss step or one taken directly and deliberately) on the path to Self Mastery. This form of personal mastery embraces every moment, every opportunity, and every possibility. Every “Now” presents us with a Divine choice- to blame our current experience on something or someone outside of ourselves… or to focus inward, with Compassion, Healing, and an Openness to growth and change.

Self Mastery is embracing All that you are, without attachment or judgment, and being in alignment with Love and Truth. Communicating with everyone, especially when it appears difficult or feels pointless. A Master identifies these times as potential for self discovery and personal growth. A Master takes the opportunity to expand his perception, seeing beyond the limits of self conditioning, parental beliefs, and societal and cultural programming. Masters use the difficult times to look even more fully within, to expose limiting belief systems, and more fully embody Unconditional Love. A true Master is at his very heart- a student.

Learn Always and in All Ways. Love Always and All Ways.

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