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Discomfort As A Guide

What many of us do, when we become uncomfortable in a situation or with a particular person, is begin to view how or why this person/circumstance is out of alignment with our own vision/beliefs… and as a result, we work toward convincing ourselves that we need to treat these people differently or work them out of our equation. What tends to happen through moving this direction.. is we continue to encounter these situations and/or people. We continue to find ourselves in uncomfortable positions. we continue to dissuade ourselves and these people from collaborating or being involved with us, on any level.

I believe that “discomfort” is a Guide. perhaps one of our best friends. One of those rare friends that has fantastic insight and possesses Wisdom of the Ages. This friend is asking us to realize that the discomfort we feel is generated within – and is not created by some exterior presence or circumstance or personality type. This friend is asking us to take a look within and identify where the true nature and ROOT of this discomfort stems from. As a being of Unconditional Love, unified as an individual with all other divine expressions, then no external and/or perceived-negative energy has any true effect on me (or over my own) unless i give it away by not taking my own responsibility and action for it. Nothing is external that is not internal as well.

Being Conscious of the fact that we are generators (through Intention and subsequent actions) of our own realities, co-creating all of our realities together at the same time… it is easy to SEE the reflection outside of ourselves. but the ability to identify the source of these “shadow aspects” or simply just having a complete understanding of these “uncomfortable” situations, allows us to see the core or root of these potential blockages within ourselves. The lessons are learned the fullest when we can grasp not only the root – but when noticing the symptoms as well. "Symptoms” are huge indicators that something is out of alignment… and instead of “treating the symptoms” we can identify the root source and begin to address it with understanding, compassion, patience, love, and healing. Fully knowing that we are the responsible party to administer these positive values to ourselves in these uncomfortable times in our lives.

We step in the direction of true healing, and stepping into our Highest potential. This removes blame and judgment from others, or external circumstance. this allows us to understand and bring comfort back into alignment, within our own being – which then allows others to feel more comfortable, because at least someone is! This also Allows ourselves to operate with integrity and love – knowing we truly own our own experience and remove that responsibility from any other. It’s liberating and kinda sexy.

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